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We have an alumni database of 468 students mentored as of July 2015. Of the 362 alumni who have completed their undergraduate education as of June 2011, 261 or 59% have enrolled in or have completed graduate programs, almost 54% have completed or are in the process of completing Master’s degrees, about 33% have completed or are currently pursuing Ph.D. programs, and 12% are teaching in colleges and universities.

The aim of MURAP is to have students successfully complete their advanced degree programs and enter the ranks of the professorate. The success of the program can be gauged quantitatively by the proportion of MURAP students who pursue graduate studies in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Some examples of MURAP alumni who currently hold academic positions are shown in the table below. It is therefore important that we maintain contact with students after their summer experience and continue to provide encouragement and support to them with respect to doctoral studies. To achieve this, we have developed a systematic “tracking” process through which we hope to follow students in the years following their summer at UNC-Chapel Hill. We ask that alumni keep us updated with respect to their achievements, contact information, employment and other changes with regard to their educational and work status by contacting our Alumni Coordinator, Ashley Lee (MURAP 2014) at It is imperative that we keep track of such information and report it accurately as we prepare materials showcasing alumni achievements and progress in grant-related and publicity reports. Also, it will help us in identifying alumni who may be able to assist other alumni through their journey in graduate school and beyond.

MURAP alumni can also search for MURAP news and contacts through our Facebook page which was created to help alumni keep in touch with one another and to provide an additional tool for identifying alumni with similar interests. We regularly update the page with current MURAP news and events, so if you are on Facebook, please “like” us and invite others you know to join too! You can also get up-to-date news via our Twitter account @MURAP_UNC.

A sampling of MURAP alumni holding academic positions:

Cohort Name Grad University Grad Program Current Profession Current Employer/ Location
2000 Kennetta Hammond Perry Michigan State University History Assistant Professor, History East Carolina University
2000 Kris Sealey University of Memphis Philosophy Assistant Professor, Philosophy Fairfield University
2002 Omari Dyson Purdue University Curriculum Studies Assistant Professor, Education South Carolina State University
2002 Reena Goldthree Duke University History Assistant Professor, History Dartmouth College
2003 Laurence Ralph University of Chicago Anthropology Assistant Professor of African American Studies and Anthropology Harvard University
2003 Jessica Welburn Harvard University Sociology Assistant Professor of Sociology and African American Studies University of Iowa
2004 Geniece Crawford Harvard University Sociology Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminology Wingate University
2004 D’Weston Haywood Northwestern University History Assistant Professor of History University of Louisiana at Lafayette
2008 Constance Iloh University of Southern California Urban Education Policy Assistant Professor of Higher Education University of California at Irvine